Partial Dentures


Partial Removable Denture Types and Materials

If only some of your teeth required extraction, partial dentures may be supported in the following ways: Tooth support, Tooth/Tissue support, or tissue/implant support. Partial Dentures may be built from acrylic and metal composition or entirely acrylic. The creation of the partial denture involves a design process unique to each patient’s needs.

Care and attention go into designing a partial denture that is both self-cleaning as well as preserving remaining teeth and oral structures. Your denturist knows that the act of chewing puts a strain on existing teeth while eating. Therefore, the partial denture design takes that chewing force and distributes it evenly over the entire set of remaining teeth and soft tissue. Equalizing these forces may require some modifications of remaining teeth. Metal partials are much stronger physically, more hygienic and of a thinner design than acrylic dentures. Consequently, acrylic partials are usually recommended for transitional or temporary use. Your denturist will advise you on the partial most appropriate for your situation and treatment plan.

Benefits of removable partial dentures

Your removable partial denture can help preserve existing tooth placement, ensure thorough grinding of food to aid in digestion, support existing teeth and add a new level of enjoyment to your life.