Immediate Dentures


Criteria for Immediate Dentures for full Dentures

Immediate dentures are the best solution when a complete extraction of all teeth is unavoidable. These assist you in avoiding embarrassment while going without teeth. Before your teeth are extracted, your denturist will take an impression of your existing teeth and gums to be used as a working model in creating your new dentures. Your denturist can even copy your original appearance if you wish. When your extraction appointment comes, your immediate dentures will be inserted to avoid embarrassment as you heal.

Things to know about Immediate Dentures

Prior fitting of immediate dentures is generally not available before your extraction appointment. At times, aesthetic changes may have to happen to maintain structural integrity or adjust for limited space. Post-operative instruction from your surgeon and denturist must be strictly followed during your healing period. Your bone and gums will recede to a significantly smaller size during this time because of tooth sockets closing over. Regular check-ups and maintenance, therefore, will be required to facilitate optimum healing. To maintain a proper fit, temporary tissue conditioners or linings will also be required and adjusted over several visits based on your rate of healing. At the end of your healing period, a new denture or realign may be created to ensure an exact and comfortable fit. Your denturist will advise you of the best procedure for your needs.