At Plaza Denture Clinic, all appointments, from the first consultation to discuss your wants and needs for your dentures, to your final insertion, are very important to us. We will sit down with you to listen to your wants and needs when it comes to your dentures and will help you pick up the best option.

Our attention to your care and maintenance means:

  • Keeping updated medical and dental history charts
  • Examination of your head, neck, and oral cavity.
  • Assessment of bone and tissue.
  • Structural Integrity of your denture and bite as well as denture stability
  • Cleaning and polishing your dentures
  • Oral hygiene review and care
  • Offer counsel regarding any post, present or future procedures.

Dental and Medical History
Because changes to your dental or medical health can affect fit and function of your dentures, updating these records is a major portion of your patient files.

ORAL Exams
To help us detect potential oral abnormalities, we conduct annual examinations.

Bone and Tissue
Due to various reasons why tissue and bone may change, ill-fitting dentures can cause further changes. Your denturist can conduct assessments to recommend solutions to take into consideration.

Denture Feel and Fit
Don’t allow poor fit to develop bite, speech or tissue-related problems to develop. Address them now to avoid complications in the future.

Checking structural integrity of your dentures
Your denturist can run a physical assessment of your dentures to check for damaged teeth, cracks, etc. They will advice you regarding any recommended course of action to repair anything they find.