Complex Dentures


What are the differences between Complex Dentures and Standard Dentures?

Standard dentures are generally made from a limited range of teeth, molds, shades, and materials. Typically, the teeth tend to wear down more quickly and thus require replacement more frequently than those created for complex dentures. While fit and function are comfortable and acceptable with standard dentures, their manufacture using physiological averages tends to mean a limited number of adjustments taking place during fabrication.

Complex dentures, on the other hand, are made with a wide variety of composite materials, allowing for a wider range of teeth in varying hardness, shades of colour, luster, and transparency. Complex dentures require a wider set of accurate measurements taken from your oral anatomy.

Such refined measurements allow our denturist to customize the design and more finely fabricate your dentures with more accurate tooth placement and therefore more natural movement. Patients opting for complex dentures report experiencing less slippage and better balance when chewing food. Complex dentures take into account your natural jawline and resulting overall appearance. This is achieved with natural-looking teeth that more closely match your appearance. Concerned about affordability? Plaza Denture Clinic’s new Patient Financing Program makes Complex Dentures more affordable than ever.


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