Complete Dentures


Gain New Comfort, and New Confidence to Smile, Eat and Talk Freely!

Because your dental health directly affects your general sense of well-being, we at The Plaza Denture Clinic work with you directly to increase your comfort and restore your smile. Anyone at any age can suffer tooth loss due to tooth decay, dental trauma or gum disease. Affordable solutions and services available at Plaza Denture Clinic include:

  • Complete care for full and partial dentures
  • Repairs and realigns to new or existing dentures
  • Dental bridges
  • Both surgical and immediate dentures
  • Adjustment and other follow-up services
  • Cosmetic and aesthetic dentures
  • Complete and partial standard dentures

Partial dentures can replace one or more extracted teeth and can assist remaining teeth to stay in place. Partial dentures can be removed for cleaning and sleeping. Now, partials are far more comfortable due to the variety of material choices suited to the location and number of teeth you are replacing.

When considering complete dentures, Plaza Denture Clinic will work with your dental surgeon for the removal of remaining teeth and positioning and placement of dental implants while our own office will handle:

  • Computerized gathering and recording of precise measurements
  • Custom creation of your dentures in our in-house lab
  • Fittings and any necessary adjustments
  • Information and follow-up
  • Ensuring you receive your dentures as quickly as possible.

While you wait for gums to heal after extraction, it is possible to avoid being without teeth. A convenient alternative to complete dentures is what we call Immediate Dentures. Immediate dentures are ready for fitting as soon as your oral surgeon has finished extracting your remaining teeth. They perform just as they are named. With your new dentures fitted and in place, your registered denturist at Plaza Denture Clinic will guide you through the adjustment period while your gums heal and assist with regular follow up and realigning.